Tekno RC Releases New Front and Rear Sway Bars

Sway bars are an often overlooked setup parameter although they can drastically affect the handling of your car/truck. Make sure you are prepared for any condition, no matter what. We now offer four new variants for the front end of your vehicle (2.0 , 2.1 , 2.7 , 2.9 mm) and four new for the rear end (2.1 , 2.2 , 2.7 , 2.9 mm).


Part Numbers:

TKR5095 – Sway Bar (front, 2.9mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3)
TKR5094 – Sway Bar (front, 2.7mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3)
TKR5093 – Sway Bar (front, 2.1mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3)
TKR5092 – Sway Bar (front, 2.0mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3)

TKR5499 – Sway Bar (rear, 2.9mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3/ET/NT)
TKR5498 – Sway Bar (rear, 2.7mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3/ET/NT)
TKR5497 – Sway Bar (rear, 2.2mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3/ET/NT)
TKR5496 – Sway Bar (rear, 2.1mm, EB.3/NB.3/SL/SCT.3/ET/NT)